Review of the New Slot Machine, Ozwin’s Jackpots Ozwin’s Jackpots is a 5-reel, 20-pay-line release from the Swedish innovators at Yggdrasil.

There are five exciting jackpots to win in this enchanted, medieval world that can be unlocked by collecting orbs and playing the free spins game. The bar has been set extremely high at the beginning of the year with Ozwin’s Jackpot, which features stunning visuals, exciting gameplay, and staggering ambition. We feel confident in calling it the Best slot of 2018 right now. Naturally, such a statement could be made with ease in January, when this assessment was composed. But take our word for it: toppling them will be no easy feat.

The Slot Machine Game, Ozwin’s Jackpots, in Greater Depth

The slot’s hero, Ozwin, is a magical owl with a refined air about him. Ozwin has replaced your previous favorite fictional owl, Hedwig, as well as the owl from Edward Lear’s The Owl and the Pussycat.

On January 24, 2018, Yggdrasil launched a slot machine that quickly became popular among players at online casinos. All the casinos that are now providing it are listed to the right. You might say it made a huge splash when it first hit the market.

Can you describe the characteristics of Ozwin’s Jackpots?


There are 8 standard symbols on Ozwin’s Jackpot. To top it all off, there are four jeweled emblems that include Ozwin the owl, the gorgeous prince, a sundial, and a phial. If three or more identical symbols appear, you win the game.


One coin is wagered each payline. The total amount of a wager is determined by the player’s selection of the coin value. Although it varies by operator, typical spin wagers range from $0.20 to $40.


While playing Ozwin’s Jackpots, look out for the Free spin scatters symbols and the Spellbook bonus symbol.


Free Turns on Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot Machine

In the base game, players can win 10 jackpot free spins when three or more free spin scatters appear on the reels (in any position and in any order). But it has the potential to be far greater! You’ll gain an additional thousand coins if you get four scatters during your free spins, and ten thousand if you get five.


Crystals may be collected for free spins. Collecting 5 of the same colored crystals will reward you with an orb, which can be exchanged for free games. In order to win the jackpot during the bonus round, you need to collect just four additional orbs.


You can wager the same amount during the bonus spins that you did before the bonus began. Free spins, however, triple any wins you could make.


Jackpots from Ozwin’s Slot Machines

During the jackpot free spins rounds, players have a chance to win one of five jackpots. Different levels of magic practitioners include the Novice, Apprentice, Mystic, Wizard, and Archmage. The value of these items increases from least to greatest. When 5 orbs of the same hue are collected, the associated jackpot is won.


Progressive jackpots are accrued as 3.4% of all wagers are placed in them. The breakdown of the numbers looks like this:


First-Prize Payout: 0.5%


Jackpot Number Two: 0.5%


Third Jackpot:.5 percent


0.5% for the 4th Jackpot


Fifth Jackpot: 1.4% of the Pot


In Ozwin’s Jackpots, the progressive jackpots increase indefinitely until someone hits the jackpot. When that happens, they’ll go back to their original low point. Here are some of them:


The first prize for a jackpot is $40.


The Second Prize is $200.


Third Prize: $600


Jackpot #4: $1,000


Fifth Prize: $2500


Extra Prizes

If you collect three or more spellbook bonus symbols, you’ll play the Spellbook bonus game. Similarly, the free spins scatter symbol awards 1,000 coins for 4 symbols and 10,000 coins for 5 symbols.


In this extra round, players need only pick spellbooks to win prizes like money and crystals until they uncover the secret evil spell that terminates the round.


The following are the spoils concealed within the tomes:


20 coins


40 coins


100 coins


200 coins


1000 coins


Citrine crystals


Crystal in green color


Crystals, blue


Crystals, Purple


Gemstone, red crystal


Ozwin’s Wins Big Time Play at Will

Many online casinos provide a free version of Ozwin’s Jackpots for players to try out. With this demo option, gamers may “try before they buy.” Free play players are not eligible to win any of the five jackpots, despite the fact that the game works exactly the same as Real play.


Ozwin’s Jackpot has a return to player percentage of 96.7%.


A Brief Overview of Ozwin’s Jackpots

Free spins that are activated by scatters? Check. A bonus round activated by a special symbol? Check. There are five different progressive jackpots up for grabs. Check. A fantastic Owl named Ozwin serving as the event’s leader? Check.


Not much else can be said. To begin your exciting journey inside Ozwin’s Jackpot, simply click the “Play Now” button.


Pros Low-stakes penny slots

Play Yggdrasil’s games and you may win a huge prize!

Player retention rate of 96.7%


Minimum wagers are large






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